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Modified Barium Swallow Studies (MBSS/VFSS)

Our mobile MBSS service brings the radiology suite to you using cutting-edge technology to provide your team with dysphagia diagnostics it needs to plan treatment, enhance quality of life, and establish safe diets.

Swallow Studies

Our mobile FEES service allows us to perform swallow evaluations at a patient's bedside using an endoscope with a small camera to observe the anatomy and function of the pharyngeal phase of swallowing.

Voice &

Our clinic in the West Suburbs provides a variety of therapeutic services to patients with voice and swallowing disorders.

>Order a swallow study today

Mobile dysphagia diagnostic solutions at your fingertips

  • Avoid costly charges from hospitals and other mobile providers

  • Lowest Rates guaranteed for Med A

  • No Charge to facility for Med B patients for MBSS only

  • Highest quality service guaranteed

  • We come to you 24/48 hours

  • MBSS performed on-site in mobile imaging suite, FEES at bedside

  • Time efficient evaluations

  • We can accommodate any patient

  • Instant digital online access to reports and imaging

  • Immediate and clear results

  • Multilingual staff

Complete Diagnostic Services
  • The only onsite mobile provider  offering complete diagnostic options:

    • Video Swallow (MBSS/VFSS​)

    • Endoscopic Swallow (FEES)

  • Highly experienced clinicians and medical staff at your door​

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