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Modified Barium Swallow Study

A well recognized method of observing the complete function of a swallow from the mouth to the esophagus, also known as the video-fluoroscopic swallow study. This evaluation is non-invasive and performed within the comfort of our mobile imaging clinic. Patients sit down and take a few bites and sips of various food items and drinks mixed with a little barium contrast. This method is ideal for elderly and geriatric patients.

Fiberoptic Endoscopic Swallow Study

A complementary study to the Modified Barium Swallow Study. Ideal for bed bound, trach & vent patients, patients with vocal disturbances, or severely ill patients. This test is performed at bedside and requires the patient to be able to tolerate having a small scope with a camera passed through their nose as they eat and drink common food items.

Voice & Swallowing Clinic

Our convenient location in the Western suburbs of Chicago allows to see patients in our Lombard clinic. We perform onsite Clinical Swallowing Evaluations, FEES, and MBSS, We also provide a variety of therapeutic approaches for patients with voice and swallowing disorders.

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